Accessing the Reset Manager on Arria 10 SoC


I am trying to port an AMP configuration from Arria V to Arria 10. Linux is running on the first core and trying to start some baremetal code on the second core. For that, it needs to access the Arria V/10 Reset Manager. While that worked well on Arria V, I got the impression that accessing the Reset Manager in User Mode is not possible on Arria 10 any more because of the SoC Security Module.

Whenever I try to write to Reset Manager registers, I get a Bus Error. Reading Works.

I have not found a bit in l4_priv to enable user access for the Reset Manager. I also have not found a way to disable the Privilige Filter alltogether.

So is there a way to write to Arria 10 Reset Manager Registers from User Mode?