Adding New Boards to


We have developed couple of applications in Linux. But we have used a development kit created by our company. Now we wish to put the board and the designs up on So as to be helpful for everyone’s reference.

Please can some one help me with getting information and the steps for adding a new board!

All the help is appreciated in advance!!



Any one has any information about this??


@finrocket can you assist?

When you login on the front page do you have the “+ New” button next to your username? If you click that there should be a button for adding a new board page.

Hello @triffel,

The +New option is only for adding a new topic to the Forum.
Does not have any option to add a board.

Couldn’t attach an image but I did not get any option of adding a board.

Thanks for the effort but will be great if I get the actual solution…


Hello @finrocket,

Please can you help me with this??


Hello @nuddlegg and @finrocket,

Request you to please help us with adding a boards to
I know this is not a question you would face frequently but we need to do these things a bit quickly.
Help is appreciated.

Thank you,

@nuddlegg @finrocket

Any inputs on this?


@system / @admin


I am looking for an answer to this query from a long time now.
Please can you help me get this done.


Hello All,

Finally got the solution.
@triffel you were partially correct about the +New button. But it is not on the home page, but in the following link:

Go to the above link and click +New you will get an option to add a new board.

Thanks for all you help and patience,
Jayesh Tanwani