ALTERA MAX10 10M50 Rev C Development Kit Linux Setup (ACDS version 15.1) - convert to .pof

So, I have followed the instructions to get what I need to be able to build the root filesystem and make a “10m50_defconfig.” (eventually I need to modify the kernel but started with just recreating these instructions). That all goes well and I get the vmlinux image. I can then do the steps to convert the rootfs and vmlinux image to .hex format.

BUT when I use Quartus 15.1 (I’m using Quartus Prime V15.1,0 Buold 185 10/21/2015 SJ Lite Edition, no patches, on my CentOS machine) Convert Programming File instructions instead of the vmlinux.hex start address being 0x00000000 IT IS 0xC8000000.

And I CANNOT GENERATE the .pof because the Size of file(s) in CFI_512MB exceeds memory capacity.

THIS MAKES SENSE because in the section it says that the vmlinux.hex should be at the top half of the device and the image provided shows the START ADDRESS as 0x00000000.

So, I looked at the “menuconfig” - “Platform Options” – and I see an offset 0x08000000 - which I can change BUT that still will put me at 0xC0000000.

Thanks in advance

SOLVED — during the elf2flash process I had my “–end=0xFFFFFFFF” NOT --end=0x0FFFFFFF
BUT the default vmlinux image is too big for the 512Mb QSPI so I have to take things out of the kernel. I still can download the “vmlinux” image with: nios2-download -g vmlinux and the kernel boots.