Arria 10 HPS SPI master no DMA

Hello @all,
I’am currently trying to develop an SPI Protocol Driver for the Arria 10 SoC Device.
I am using Kernel 4.4.92. The Kernel has been configured to use the dw_spi_mmio Driver for the spi master Controller.
My protocol Driver calls spi_register_driver() on init() to Register itself as an SPI protocol Driver. I have created a corresponding entry within the device tree, so that the probe() function of my Driver is called by the kernel.
Everything seems to work fine, but when i start writing to the devie using spi_sync() i got the message:
spi32765.0: SPI Transfer timed out
I also don’t see, that the chip-select Signal goes low. So i started further Investigation and found out, that the spi Controller Driver doesn’t use DMA. This is because the dma related entries within the struct spi_master are not set. Perhaps there still might be something missing within my device tree (see dts snipped below)?
I also have tried to use the spidev driver --> same issue.
Any ideas?

arria10_hps_i_spim_1_spim: spi@0xffda5000 {
compatible = “snps,dw-spi-mmio-17.1”, “snps,dw-spi-mmio”, “snps,dw-apb-ssi”;
reg = <0xffda5000 0x00000100>;
interrupt-parent = <&arria10_hps_arm_gic_0>;
interrupts = <0 104 4>;
clocks = <&spi_m_clk>;
#address-cells = <1>; /* embeddedsw.dts.params.#address-cells type NUMBER /
#size-cells = <0>; /
embeddedsw.dts.params.#size-cells type NUMBER /
bus-num = <0>; /
embeddedsw.dts.params.bus-num type NUMBER /
num-chipselect = <4>; /
embeddedsw.dts.params.num-chipselect type NUMBER /
status = “okay”; /
embeddedsw.dts.params.status type STRING */

dcu_ctrl_pld_0: dcu_ctrl_pld@0 {
compatible = “siemens,dcu_ctrl_pld”;
reg = <0>;
spi-max-frequency = <2000000>;
enable-dma = <1>;
}; //end dcu_ctrl_pld@0 ( dcu_ctrl_pld)
}; //end spi@0xffda5000 (arria10_hps_i_spim_1_spim)

Found the Problem finally!
Interrupts = < 0 104 4>; must be replaced by Interrupts < 0x0 0x66 0x4>; or Interrupts < 0 102 4>; Since 0x66 isn’t 104 but 102!