Arria 10 LCD 16207


I’ve been trying to port functionality from a Cyclone IV based board to an Arria 10 board. One of the devices is an LCD screen. The Cyclone had a NIOS II processor that would control the LCD using the HAL library, but now I am running Linux on the HPS for this design. I am still fairly new to Linux (a few months on and off) but I tried to connect the LCD 16207 IP that was used for the Cyclone design into the HPA2FPGA LW bridge and connect it that way. Then I wrote characters to the memory mapped peripheral using mmap(), but I could not display characters on the LCD. After some looking around there is a lcd16207 driver here that I will use for the LCD screen. However, this is where I get confused. Do I still connect the LCD 16207 IP to the h2f LW bridge or do I connect it to a GPIO pin? If I connect it to the HPS2FPGA bridge, how does the Kernel driver “know” where the device is connected?

Thank you