Bridges renamed from "fpga-bridge" to "fpga_bridge" - which linux version?

In Linux Kernel version 4.7.0 under /sys/class there seem to be three fpga related entries

On earlier versions of the kernel the bridges were at

Does anyone know what is the latest version of the kernel where they are stilled at /sys/class/fpga-bridge ?
As this is where the OpenCL v17.0 (and earlier) drivers seem to expect them.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll answer my own question.
It looks like the changes to the FPGA drivers were introduced in the V4 Linux kernel so as far as I can work out, only V3 kernels will work with Altera’s OpenCL (V17) on their SoC devices.
Does anyone know whether Intel-Altera intend to support V4 kernels with their OpenCL?

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