Can't generate *.dts with sopc2dts

Hello everyone!

I have been struggling with the sopc2dts command. When I try to generate the *.dts file I get that some of the altera IP’s are unknown.

Searching through the internet I found that the hw.tcl file misses the Module and Interface Assignments and this influences in the Sopc2dts malfunction.

Has someone modified the .tcl like stated in this links and got it to work? This is getting confusing to me.

In my current *.dts file I do have this component:

		modular_sgdma_dispatcher_0: unknown@0x100000000 {
			compatible = "unknown,unknown-15.0";
			reg = <0x00000001 0x00000000 0x00000020>,
				<0x00000001 0x00000020 0x00000010>;
			reg-names = "CSR", "Descriptor_Slave";
			interrupt-parent = <&hps_0_arm_gic_0>;
			interrupts = <0 72 4>;
			clocks = <&clk_0>;
		}; //end unknown@0x100000000 (modular_sgdma_dispatcher_0)

And when I try to generate a new *.dts I get the message

"Component modular_sgdma_dispatcher_0 of class modular_sgdma_dispatcher is unknown"

and also the message:

Component dma_write_master_0 of class dma_write_master is unknown

However, dma_write_master_0 is not even in the *.dts file but I can access the hps sdram anyways, and this confuses me… how linux accepts data coming from the fpga if it is not in the dts?

Fun fact:

Altera says to ignore the warning message.

*** Actually after I replaced the generated *.dtb file the board could not start.