Connecting HSMC to FPGA peripherals

Hello, I have implemented a 32-bit FIFO memory on the FPGA fabric. I will be sending the data to the buffer through the OS in HPS. How do I connect the HSMC pins to the FIFO output?

Also, is the parallel to serial conversion from the 32-bit FIFO output automatically done and provided to the HSMC pin?

Board: Arrow SoC Evaluation Board RevD
I also have a daughter board connected to the HSMC connector.

Thanks for your help.

as far as I comperhand Your question, You have got a FIFO written in HDL and operating in FPGA, right?
In that case, You simply need to export output ports (and necessary input ports) of the FIFO as pins of FPGA chip and map the pins to those which are connected to HSMC connector on the board. The proper pin positions are listed in manual of Yours board.