cv_soc_devkit_ghrd DTS: ERROR (duplicate_node_names)

I’m trying to build the sockit using cv_soc_devkit_ghrd, but I get some errors like:

make all
dtc -I dts -O dtb -o soc_system.dtb soc_system.dts
ERROR (duplicate_node_names): Duplicate node name /spidev@0
ERROR (duplicate_node_names): Duplicate node name /sopc@0/clkmgr@0xffd04000/clock_tree/sdram_pll/ddr_dqs_clk
ERROR (duplicate_node_names): Duplicate node name /sopc@0/clkmgr@0xffd04000/clock_tree/sdram_pll/ddr_2x_dqs_clk

The soc_system.dts is generated by sopc2dts and the above problems seem to be related to the file “soc_system_board_info.xml”. But how is this created and what could be the source of the errors in this file?

It seem to be related to that I’m using an old version of cv_soc_devkit_ghrd. The one I was using was found at

I downloaded a more recent archive from which seem to work, at least it compiles without errors.

Where can I find the git source for the archives posted to It seems like they were once migrated from rocketboards to github, but now I can’t seem to locate the more recent git repository for cv_soc_devkit_ghrd.

Not sure where you can find the most recent version, nor if is maintained officially in any git repos. Please note that your EDS installation carries these files. Under /altera/path/embedded/examples/hardware/cv_soc_devkit_ghrc. Not sure if these repos you mention is a derivative of these files from Altera or if its the other way round.

Thanks, I’m just mixing up the names of the different ghrd’s. Actually the git repository that I’m looking for is the one for the SoCKit, i.e. sockit_ghrd. The ones bundled in the Quartus SDK are for the Altera boards only.

However, It would be nice if there were was a git repository to track for the SoCKit and the Altera kits. Tags and/or branches could be used for the different Quartus revisions.

Hi Zener,

Could you send me a copy of your “more recent” GSRD ? I have met exactly the same problem.
my email is

Thanks so much~~