DE0-Nano-Soc with Framebuffer

Hi Guys,

I am currently working on a project use DE0-Nano-Soc with a LCD screen, we first use MTL screen from Terasic. Following the instruction here:
We build the zImage with framebuffer.

We tried boot this kernel with DE1 board, the framebuffer works perfect! However, it always show black screen with DE0-Nano-Soc board.

We tried modified different kernel, such as 4.2 kernel from Github, DE1 always works fine, but not DE0-Nano-SoC board.

Device tree works fine, Qsys file, proloader, uboot should all work fine, because I am lucky find one prebuild kernel works for DE0_nano-Soc.
Which is prebuild kernel with FB for DE1, only when i copy this zImage with my compiled device tree and other files, it could work for both DE1 and DE0-Nano-Soc.

Could any one have any hint or suggestion for this? I contacted terasic, they could not help me on this… so sad …