DE10-Nano access DRAM


I’m currently playing around with the DE10-Nano board and need somehow direct access to the DRAM.
Especially for reading out the bits and also to manipulate the refresh cycle.

It’s certainly a lot to read about this board since I’m quite new to this so I’d be happy if you have some suggestions for me where to start/search. (or even more concrete tipps :3 )

Thanks in advance and best regards! :slight_smile:

Do you mean access to 1GB SDRAM HPS memory?
From where do you wanna access it? From HPS processor or from FPGA??
The main documentation to read is the User Manual of the DE0-nano-SoC and the Cyclone V SoC handbook.
Then, depending on what you want to do you can take a look to other documentation.

The process to activate the DSS key can be done by some of the simple technique by which you will enable to do that kind of settings for which you must dial our toll-free number of Hp Customer Support Number.

Hi, Incident i have DE10-Nano board too and a want do the same thing. As an option I want to write the code from the DAC to the Memory 1GB SDRAM HPS. You already found out something? I’m newbie too.