Difficulty in booting DE0-Nano-SoC board

Hello all,
Has anyone had success in booting a Atlas-Soc (DE0-Nano-SoC) board using code from the sources and not prebuilt binaries?
I am using yocto distribution and I followed the instructions given in:

I used the instructions here : https://rocketboards.org/foswiki/view/Documentation/GSRD150SDCardArrowSoCKitEdition
to create sd card image.
However, when I am booting the device, I run into the following issue. Any suggestions on how to solve this?
U-Boot SPL 2013.01.01 (Jan 11 2017 - 14:17:50)
BOARD : Altera SOCFPGA Cyclone V Board
CLOCK: EOSC1 clock 25000 KHz
CLOCK: EOSC2 clock 25000 KHz ±----------------------------+
CLOCK: F2S_SDR_REF clock 0 KHz | |
CLOCK: F2S_PER_REF clock 0 KHz | Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0! |
CLOCK: MPU clock 925 MHz | |
CLOCK: DDR clock 400 MHz ±----------------------------+
CLOCK: UART clock 100000 KHz
CLOCK: MMC clock 50000 KHz
CLOCK: QSPI clock 3613 KHz
SDRAM: Initializing MMR registers
SDRAM: Calibrating PHY
SEQ.C: Preparing to start memory calibration
SDRAM: 1024 MiB
reading ATLAS_SOC_GHRD/u-boot.img
spl: error reading image ATLAS_SOC_GHRD/u-boot.img, err - -1

ERROR ### Please RESET the board

You should check two things:

  1. Is the U-Boot image available as “u-boot.img” available in the folder “ATLAS_SOC_GHRD” on your SD Card’s FAT partition.

  2. Does the partition number of your FAT partition match the partition in the preloader. AFAIK the preloader is configured with a partition number. It will try to mount the specified partition as FAT and load the U-Boot image.