Do any FPGA based softcore GPUs exist?

Does anyone know if there are any FPGA based softcore gpu IP vendors? Has a GPU ever been implemented on an FPGA?


Never looked into it too thoroughly, but it looks like there is some research in that area at the University of Wisconsin.

In my own experience–and this is just postulation-- you are never going to be able to beat compute-focused ASIC computation performance with FPGA. The ASIC’s compute cores (clocked at rates that would fail timing in FPGA) are always going to outdo FPGA DSPs. Recently, however, in some of the newest technology, there exists an new kind of OCM, called High Bandwidth Memory, that may be able remedy the memory latency that exists in modern GPUs. Again, I am a newly graduated undergrad who has worked with FPGA and knows a little about computer architecture, so this is totally conjecture.