Documentation for Device Tree Generator

Where can I find the most update documentation for the Device Tree Generator? The information on the Rocketboards site is outdated for the current linux kernel and not keeping track with the development. I had problems getting ethernet and mmc working properly on a Atlas SoC.

I have been struggling many, many days getting the Atlas SoC up and running at a level where it can be used for a product concept test. I have to admit that I’ve been extremely close to giving up and discarding CycloneV for this project altogether. Finally I found that the board_files from the latest GSRD releases contains some clues to the new DT syntax, and as such I was able to reverse engineer it into my board file. In lack of documentation, I don’t know half of the DTAppend entries I’ve added, which does not give any good confidence.

I think that Your problem is discused and solved here at forum at article: