DS-5 Linux build environment problems

I’m working with a DE0-nano-SoC using DS-5 to compile. I can build and run linux programs on the board. I’m currently attempting to get an interrupt working in Linux. There’s significant info out there on the internet, but I can’t seem to get my build environment working. Particularly the <linux/interrupt.h> and similar files. I found some ARM linux headers on the internet, but am having problems with circular dependencies.

If anyone can point me to a working build environment, it would be highly appreciated.


I am developing software too, so I try to help You according to what I have investigated out.
First of all I must ask if You have downloaded source files for Linux kernel from https://github.com/altera-opensource/linux-socfpga? These files are absolutely necessary for building software because essential C source and header files are situated there. E.g. the Interrupt header file is there. The problem is that some necessary dependencies among files are done during kernel configuration and building (You see, building Yours own Linux kernel image) which uncortunately could not be done under Windows. So You will be able to build some of Yours applications under Windows but some of them will have to be build under Linux.
More over there are some probles with setting up DS-5 studio (Eclipse) for succesful building…

I managed to get it working. I had to use the Atlas SDImage because the DE0 one does not have the build environment. There were a few tricks to work out to get the kernel to build, but it did. I also tried a different build following instructions on the internet. I managed to build and run that kernel however it isn’t configured for the DE0_Nano_SoC (no ethernet) so I abandoned it. I will try to post the procedure for building kernel modules from the Atlas build in the next week.