Embedded Command Shell

I am trying to start the embedded command shell in Linux and get the following error…

/intelFPGA/16.1/embedded$ ./embedded_command_shell.sh
WARNING: DS-5 install not detected. SoC EDS may not function correctly without a DS-5 install.

But DS-5 is installed. I am new to Linux. In Windows I would have probably tried adding paths to the environment variables. If it is the same in Linux, I wouldn’t know where to start to achieve the same thing. Does anyone have any guidance?

Thanks very much,

How did you install the EDS? I used the SoCEDSSetup- executable and I haven’t had any issues so far.

Do you have /intelFPGA/16.1/embedded/ds-5/bin/eclipse for instance?

By the way I wouldn’t recommend installing things directly to /, it’s not really the unix way and it’s going to become very messy very fast. I personally use /opt for that purpose.

Hi Lionel…

I also used the linux.run executable, but the installation directory was…


While IntelFPGA is installed in

Sounds like I should uinstall and reinstall in the /opt directory.

Thanks for the help…


Did this solution work ?


I was able to resolve the issue by manually placing the DS-5 installation location to /intelFPGA/18.0/embedded/ds-5 . I had to name the destination folder ''ds-5" and chose not to use the default name. I have not checked if the naming convention affects functionality but as it is working right now I am leaving it alone.