Enabling FPGA2HPS Bridge in Uboot Hangs Kernel

I am using Cyclone V SOC on De10 Nano kit. I have added Frame Reader IP in QSYS to HPS which uses FPGA2HPS bridge. I am programming FPGA via Uboot. When Uboot loads the RBF file and run “bridge_enable_handoff” command and boots the kernel, the kernel hangs at “Starting Kernel”.

I have removed FPGA2HPS bridge and the Kernel is loading properly.

So the issue is in enabling FPGA2HPS bridge. I need this bridge for Linux frame buffer to show GUI desktop environment.

  1. How can i solve this problem?
  2. What component to debug to solve this? Hardware, Preloader, Uboot , RBF or DTB?
  3. Can problem reside in the driver used by the kernel?
  4. Is there any other method to show GUI desktop environment for Linux without using this bridge?

Did you make sure to rebuild U-Boot with the latest hps handoff files? I’ve missed that step before and had the same problem. Any mismatch in the FPGA configuration and U-Boot settings can cause the Kernel to hang.