First USB connection

I just received an ATLAS SoC development board and am having trouble connecting. The Windows(10) Hardware tab in control panel states that there is trouble with the RNDIS driver. Linux File Stor, USB Composite, USB mass storage device, and USB Serial device are all indicated but unlike RNDIS are not flagged in error.

The device does not show up as a remote drive as the instruction indicated it would. I tried specifying the driver directory
CDM v2.08.28 Certified
but Windows did not find a useable driver there.

Thanks in advance,

Hi All…I found a related solution to this…

This worked for me even though I a am using Windows 10. Also, the name of the final driver was not quite what was indicated, it was something like ‘Generic USB RNDIS-6’. But it seemed to work thus far. I can now see the contents of the drive.