Getting started with SoC

Hello everyone!
I’m getting started with Terasic DE0-Nano-SoC. It’s mine first SoC board and I am a bit lost with everything.
I would like to write a bare-metal application to control power converter for my master’s thesis. I would like to avoid using linux.
Could anyone help me and show some step-by-step tutorial or give me some information how to control DE0-Nano-SoC? I have never been programming SoC and my knowledge is really small.

Please help :wink:

Are you at all familiar with FPGAs and QSys? If you are not, I would recommend spending some hours trying to learn QSys and configuration. The (free) Altera online training courses is a quick way to start.

I have no experience with bare-metal programming of the Cyclone V. Perhaps you might get some aid with the following online training course:

This isn’t really the place for bare-metal discussions since Rocketboards is mainly for Linux users, but you may get some help here with specific questions.

Feel free to pm me for bare-metal questions as well.