How to write to Linux Framebuffer from FPGA?

A previous project I worked on with my DE1-SOC required a VGA monitor to display images on a screen. Right now, I do not have acces to a VGA monitor, so I figured I could write the image data to the SDRAM from the FPGA via the FPGA-SDRAM bridge. Ideally, I would save this data to the Linux framebuffer, and then use a vncserver to send this framebuffer to my laptop over the ethernet connection. So far, I have succeded in writing some basic memory controller to write to specific addresses in memory, however, I have no idea where to write to so that the image data gets saved in the framebuffer. I know I can write to memory and use Linux to read the data, so at worst I may be able to copy the data from one memory segment into the framebuffer and then send that over the internet, but I think that is way less efficient. Is there a way to get the framebuffer physical address so I can send it over to the FPGA fabric to configure the memory access so that the data gets saved into the framebuffer?