Issue with bsp-editor missing preloader option

hi guys

i am trying to make a custom boot image as part of a project
Ive been following the tutorials on the site but when i get to the section the requires using the bps editor and I select the soc_hps_0 folder it doesn’t give me the option to set the operating system to Preloader and select my design.

I am new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated
I am using centos 6.8
quartus 18.0
eds 18.0

never mind the cyclone 5 board is only supported by standard EDS and i had installed the pro version

Hello, Sebastien,
BSP-editor does not depend on operation system. You will be able to use with every distribution based on Linux at least (unfortunately, I have never seen Windows on Intel SoC, but it surely could be done, too).
By the way, there is no need to select design. Your folder soc_hps_0 contains information about the design compiled with Quartus Prime. Or have You more different designes at different revisions of Quartus project?
There are some very nice tutorials at documentation at where such things are explained very well. Worth reading, I recommend :slight_smile:.
Best regards
Jan Konečný.