Missing Branches/Tags in linux-socfpga

I’m working on adding PCIe root complex support to an A10 board and using A10AVCVPCIeRootPortWithMSIas reference document.

My question concerns the non-existing branch and tag in the linux-socfpga.git declared in that reference document mentioned prior.

branch: socfpga-4.1-ltsi

I’m pretty sure I made a full clone (not a shallow clone) but I still can’t find the branch nor tag anywhere.

Can someone give me pointers on how to locate this branch/tag or if there is an alternative branch/tag I can checkout to make progress on this project?

Thank you very much.

These tags were all removed around a year ago.
You can pull from another repo (fork).
I just saw the tag your looking for on the Terasic fork:

command I used:

git ls-remote --tags https://github.com/terasic/linux-socfpga.git | grep -i acds


Thank you very much.