Need help with FPGA programming-cannot program the board I have

I already know something about FPGA( there is a clue here )
But still I was wondering if anybody used Bus Blaster for FPGA programming. The problem I have now is that I cannot program the board I have. I use the general CPLD tutorials, I generate a bit file in the end (synthesis). I’m sure that I have to do sth else with IMPACT as svf file generated cannot be loaded, it just gives an error. “detect” and “print chain” commands work, but I know that I have to upload the file to the EEPROM, but got a little confused there.

The setup (chips) i am using is this board (Japanese link warning). It has a XC3S250E-4VQ100C FPGA and a XCF02SVO20C PROM.

I’m not using the alternative driver, I didn’t install cable files so I cannot use alt-linux drivers (I’ll try to install cable drivers and give it a try probably tomorrow). Basically I’m trying to follow some relating tutorials i found but I cannot add the ROM to chain. So what I did was follow up the tutorial about exporting svf files. I then try to upload it with urJTAG which gives an error about some mismatch.

I’m guessing I have to install the cable drivers and use alt-linux drivers directly with IMPACT. Just wondering if there is an alternate way.

I was able to detect the whole chain, I have to run bsdl command first but it detects just nice.

I ran “part 0” command before svf, now I am able to program the FPGA. It lights up the LED (test program just does this) but when I unplug the JTAG connection, it just stops. At least there is little progress.

Could you help with this, please?