Porting REMOTE SYSTEM UPDATE from Arrai 10 Board to Cyclone V Board

Hi Radu Bacrau,

I am very new to Cyclone V Altera Board Development.
I want to use Apache2 web server project similar to Remote System Update.

Here, in this project, you are uploading and updating the system files.

I want to use Apache 2 web server and its configuration running on the Cyclone V linux. Presently web server is displaying the similar html page as of the REMOTE SYSTEM UPDATE.
But for my application I want to upload the simple Application binaries and execute it on the board.

Please give me some info/documentation on how to modify your HTML/PHP program and port it on cyclone V board. I don’t want to change any Linux and Root File System.

Your REMOTE SYSTEM UPDATE page of Arraia 10 project is not giving how your program works, So please let me know how to modify and how this project works.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks and Regard,