Probem with uploading kernel into RAM


I’m doing Linux on NIOS2 as described here -

I’m making NIOS2 with DDR3 RAM (my board - Arrow SoCKIT) - ok.
I’m bilding kernel - it is ok. (I download kernel from, go to linux-socfpga and make menuconfig, make) with DTS from my NIOS2 design.

Then when I try to upload kernel, it uploads only 4.3mb instead of 56mb (vmlinux file size).
$ nios2-download -g vmlinux
Using cable “CV SoCKit [USB-1]”, device 1, instance 0x00
Pausing target processor: OK
Initializing CPU cache (if present)
Downloaded 4307KB in 0.5s (8614.0KB/s)
Verified OK
Starting processor at address 0x00000000

What can be wrong with it?