Qsys SopC file does not register interrupts: How to manually edit DTS file to register interrupts

I’ve built a fairly simple system: I have an IRQ Bridge linked to f2h_irq0. Everything compiles however Linux won’t let my driver take over IRQ 72 which is f2h_irq0 - line 0. It seems that the DTS file “forgets” to register these interrupts in the DTS file and they never make it into the tree blob.

Rather than compiling my SOPC file to get the .DTS -> DTB file, I figured I’d modify the pre-existing DTS board to tell Linux to allocate my IRQ lines. I’m stuck as to what to put in the “compatible” section though. Is there some type of dummy driver I can use so that I can build my tree and have Linux allocate those IRQ’s ?

Buddy, I’ve been struggling with the same thing. Could you solve your issue?