Running Linux on a Nios2 Processor using the Arria V Soc (5ASTFD5K3F4013N)

I have an Arria V Soc (5ASTFD5K3F4013N) with the full quartus 2 (15.0) license. I am trying to implement a Nios2 processor running Linux with Ethernet capability.

There are tutorials for the Cyclone III and the Stratix IV:

but nothing for Arria V.

What I really need is a .sof and associated quatus 2/qsys project files for the Arria V running linux with a nios2. Also a matching Aria V Soc defconfig file for u-boot.

I have been trying to make the .sof myself. I’ve done a number of the nios 2
tutorials. I have successfully completed the nios2 gen2 hardware tutorial and the Creating Multiprocessor Nios II Systems tutorial. (wont let me post more than 2 links)…

I am currently working on the Nios II System Architect Design tutorial:

but i am having difficulties because once again none of the example designs match my board.

Someone please help

I’ve managed to convert the stratix IV mmu design for booting linux off of a nios2 into an arria v “compatible” design that synthesises and compiles into a .sof. And the programmer is able to load the .sof. But i dont think it works right.

I think that there might be some issues with the flash controller, the sdram controller, the ethernet controller, and the cpu vector assignments. I think most of this is due to incorrect addressing parameters and such.

If you feel adventurous and want to help out a guy that could really use a hand and you have quartus 15 with the full license then by all means please do. Here is a .qar file containing all my quartus\qsys files including the .sof: