Setting virtualbox large harddisk size breaks gcc with wierd cc1 error

If you create an oracle virtualbox of linux to build rocketboard, uboot, kernal, yocto, etc…

make sure you set the virtual harddisk size to less than 1T… I set mine it to 2T initially,
and the gcc crosscompile fails with a weird and cryptic error

“cc1: fatal err: Value too large for defined data type”

Then, I created another linux virtual machine with virtual harddisk size of 512 GB and the “cc1” error went away…

Another problem I had getting vitualbox to work was the default memory size. definately don’t go with the default memory size, the “git” of linux-kernal will use all your memory and hang the box. I had to set this to the max “green” bar value in the memory settings for virtualbox.