[solved] Arria 10 HPS OpenCL Compile problem, no hps_isw_handoff folder

Hello Guys and Girls,

I am working on a small project with an Arria 10 SOC Dev Kit from dreamchip.

I got the Board package for the SD card build with the edits for compiling to run an openCL compiled design from HPS.

( Normal Quartus design works without a problem. I did several verssions of a FPGA test based on the GHRD SD card package, works like a charm. thanks to the intense documentation at Rocketboards. Awesome :smile: )


The Environment runs at Quartus 17.0.2 Pro, Full setup with all libs on Windows 10.

Exported all nescessary paths. also Boardpath and the board is recognized from aoc.

if i start compilation of the blank.cl example. it compiles and runs through it flawlessly.
Except it doesnt generate the HPS folders needet to create the U-Boot loader and kernel and DTS DTB files.
No DTS files and also the board xml is missing. I wonder what the usual steps are for having the blank or a hello world .cl running from the HPS.
I looked up the rocketboards instructions for the cyclone5 sodia board with opencl.
Also i compared the settings of the failing project qsys to the ghrd qsys to find a setting in the hps which is different. except of some more parts no setting is different. maybe i look at the wrong place. i want to put the aocx file on the sdcard rootfs and just boot up the arria 10 and then run the aocx.

the step by step guide i saw said, build the .cl
build the kerneldriver against the board directory, ( Done and worked )
build uboot with dtb ( fails, because bsp-editor has no data to work with. missing isw_handoff )
build kernel, todo
build rootfs, ( done. full debian 9 stretch, not busybox, including soceds and opencl runtimes )
make sdcard. hahahaha yep. want to but missing parts.

If anyone has an idea, i would be very happy.

Greetings Thomas
I hope its understandable.

Hello folks,

If anyone encounters the same issue with missing handoff folder…


aoc --bsp-flow base ‘your opencl file.cl’

Got into new issues but this will follow in another Post.