Unable to checkout Linux Kernel from Git


I am configuring a Kernel on Arrow SoCkit Evaluation board with Cyclone V SoC.
I was following the Embedded Linux Beginners guide as provide in Rocketboards.

Now, I am unable to checkout ‘rel_socfpga-4.1_15.09.01_pr’ from Altera SoCfpga repository.

Does anybody have a source for that file? Or any alternate release that I can use.

Thanks for your help.

the reason is that, this release are not available any more. You can find some more information at other threads at RocketBoards forum.
At present, the oldest available version is 4.9.78-ltsi (https://github.com/altera-opensource/linux-socfpga), so, You need to checkout ‘socfpga-4.9.78-ltsi’ (or other version, as You see it at the listbox at the link above).
I must warn You, that this new versions of Linux kernel needs new versions of DeviceTree files (.dts and .dtb), because some drivers in Linux have changed.
It is very common problem at present, so I hope this will help You.
Best wishes,
Jan Konecny.

Thank you very much JanKonecny.
I will try using that release.