Unable to ping Cyclone 5 SoC (Mercury SA2) unless directly connected with Ethernet cable

I have run through the Enclustra Build Environment scripts provided for the Mercury SA2 Module and Baseboard PE1 at https://github.com/enclustra-bsp/bsp-altera with

./build.sh -d Mercury_SA2/Mercury_PE1/MMC -x U-Boot -x Linux -x Buildroot

I’ve have configured my dip switch to boot from sd card and I can watch the boot sequence through minicom. Where I fail is using my eth0 on the SA2 to ping my host computer and vice versa.

I can see network negotiation and activity on the NIC’s LEDs, but when I connect a switch between my host computer and the SA2 module my pings stop. I can only get pings when I am directly connected to the host computer with an ethernet cable. I can not see any incoming ICMP ping packets over wireshark at all.

Is there a configuration file that I’m missing or flag during compilation that I haven’t set? Part of me wonders why the second NIC on my baseboard is not active. The minicom terminal only shows eth0 for a network device and not eth0 and eth1.