Where is the socfpga linux community?

Where is the “most authoriative” community for Linux on socfpga on Altera/Intel? Here on rockerboards.org? On Altera forum? Elsewhere?

No offence, but I’m not overwhelmed with activity here, so either I’m at the wrong location or the community actually is this small.

It’s unfortunately hard to build a CycloneV-based concept test prototype when you’re stuck… :frowning:

I totally agree. It is indeed difficult at times to find for resources when you are stuck working on Cyclone V FPGA. I had issues recently with WiFi and configuring adhoc network between 2 Cyclone V SoCs, and I am still figuring out how to proceed.
But in a way, working on this is challenging and at times frustrating.

Hi there…

I reckon the problem is probably inheritance… Intel (altera) chips have traditionally had other community/sources of documentation.

You may also find more information/people on the altera forum or the altera wiki.

I do agree with you, it is very hard to find everyone that may have knowledge to help. Indeed we should all try to migrate to a more common point of encounter.

Yeah, this is shit. I think there is only one ore two altera guys here connected not so often. I ve never solved any real problem here. Just one i was working exactly in the same as other person he gave me an idea that helped me to keep on trying and finally finishing.

Anyway FPGA community is small. I think that companies face the problems alone cause i have the feeling that almost everyone here is working in phd or university project or hobby.