DE10-Nano: Console Image Source Code needed / dwc2: Overcurrent change detected

Is it possible to get the source code for the linux console image with the 4.5 kernel?
The original console image for the DE10-nano works fine, but I need to add ALSA audio drivers.

When I recompile the kernel for the console image the USB controller doesn’t recognize any USB devices anymore. When I connect a USB device, I get the error message: “dwc2 ffb40000.usb: Overcurrent change detected”. I use kernel v4.5 from the official github. I pulled the kernel configuration directly from the original running kernel with “zcat /proc/config.gz > .config”.

I already tried newer and older kernel versions, with the same result.
Is there a specific patch that I’m missing to get USB running again?

Thanks and best wishes,

UPDATE: I compiled the MiSTer Linux kernel, which integrates ALSA USB audio drivers from here:

I have two simple USB audio interfaces working now! From the kernel log output of the MiSTer kernel, I see one additional line, that was not in the standard linux-socfpa kernel (as far as I remember):
“dwc2 ffb40000.usb: Linked as a consumer to regulator.0”
Could that be part of the solution that the MiSTer developers worked out?