Why all the tags where removed from altera-opensource/linux-socfpga?


I’m working on a project that used the tag ACDS15.0.1_REL_GSRD_PR but It was remove recently from https://github.com/altera-opensource/linux-socfpga.

Why all the tags where removed from the repo ?
What would be the closest hash to that tags ?

Thank you

Intel is not allowing any product groups to publish any software that contains known CVE’s, so they removed all the software branches in the linux and u-boot repositories that predate the Spectre/Meltdown patched releases.

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No way!?

Yeah…all the ACDS* tags related to the ACDS releases are gone…
Does spectre/meltdown predate the 17.1 ACDS release?

Would also like to know the closest hashes to the latest ACDS releases.

I am facing some problems with available kernel versions, too. I found out that the Devicetree have to be a bit different in comparation with that generated with sopc2dts tool from Intel Embedded Development Studio (EDS). E.g. the clock domain for SD/MMC card have to be adjusted a bit to avoid serious errors with synchronous mismatches.
As far as someone need help, I will try to write some notes here.
By the way, new versions of Intel Quartus Prime and EDS are used to be available in May, so there would be an complex solution.