Workshop1, lab1: cannot compile Preloader

I am trying through work my way to the workshops. With WS1, LAB1 I am stuck on the ‘Compiling the Preloader’ step. After issuing ‘make’ it fails with

make[2]: Entering directory '/home/kramer/Documents/fpga/workshop/WS1-IntroToSoC/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga/tools'
make[2]: gcc: Command not found

gcc is not in the path but the ‘arm-altera-eabi-’ tools are. Any idea how to fix this issue?
I am using Centos 6 with Quartus and SocEDS 15.1.


Are you sure you are running the right makefile and set the right cross compiler in makefile ? And do you issue your command within embedded command shell ?

Thanks for replying.

I am using the make command in the ‘software/spl_bsp’ directory while in the embedded_command_shell.
cross compile in the Makefile is set to

CROSS_COMPILE := arm-altera-eabi-

The problem is when compiling the ‘gcc’ command is being issued instead of arm-altera-eabi-gcc. It goes wrong here:

make[2]: Entering directory '/home/kramer/Documents/fpga/workshop/WS1-IntroToSoC/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga/tools'
make[2]: gcc: Command not found
gcc -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -idirafter /home/kramer/Documents/fpga/workshop/WS1-IntroToSoC/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga/include -idirafter /home/kramer/Documents/fpga/workshop/WS1-IntroToSoC/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga/include2 -idirafter /home/kramer/Documents/fpga/workshop/WS1-IntroToSoC/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga/include -I /home/kramer/Documents/fpga/workshop/WS1-IntroToSoC/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga/lib/libfdt -I /home/kramer/Documents/fpga/workshop/WS1-IntroToSoC/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga/tools -DCONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000040 -DUSE_HOSTCC -D__KERNEL_STRICT_NAMES -pedantic   -o gen_eth_addr.o gen_eth_addr.c -c
make[2]: gcc: Command not found

well, could you let me know where the project it is. then I may reproduce the issue and try to fix it. tks.

The project is here:

hi, Lintweker

Using SoC EDS version 16.0 build 211 on windows, I can compile the preloader for Altera_CV_SoC as introduced in Lab1 as shown in the attached image. <img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/5170530a8425a6e801b578c9e689b6d499eeee2d.png" width="690" height="388">

Thank you for testing. The image is not visible.
I am using EDS 15.1 on Linux for the Atlas Soc dev board (aka DE0-nano-SoC).

What happens if you type ‘gcc’ when in ?

I guess there are some additional packages needed to be installed if the host machine runs the 64bit version of the OS, try:

$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

pls refer to the link below for host setup

Adeli Wang

the similar topic mentioned by other member as above, it’s likely due to lack of ia32 library in the system.

after issuing:

sudo yum install glibc.i686 libgcc.i686 libstdc++.i686 glibc-devel.i686 ncurses-libs.i686 zlib.i686·
sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

I can now complete the lab (results not tested yet). Odd thing is that the 64-bit version of gcc (x86_64) is now installed and presumably used, which seems odd for building stuff for an ARM platform.