A10 Q17 No option to compile/customize preloader

As i’m new to Soc design, im working through the tasks on this site. I have two questions…

1: When I get to the compile the preloader section, bsp-editor removes that option after I point it at the the handover folder. I am assuming that uboot has been combined with the preloader.

2: After compiling and installing uboot, on power up uboot it still looking for a periph.rbf, even though I only have a single rbf file. Its like I haven’t changed uboot, or the uboot parameters are stored outside of the uboot partition.

Any help or advise would be wellcome

Many thanks

Since I haven’t had a response, to this question and i’ve made some progress. I would like to re-phrase the above question.

Could someone please explain how and where (Uboot/Preloader) stores its parameters / variables. Also do we have a document that describes how to change the scripts and variables that uboot uses. That is I would like to edit or change the default environment that is in the uboot binary.

Many thanks (again)


After you generate preloader settting which are set in bsp-editor
you call make config which will configure environment and unpack u-boot sources etc.

Then you can find u-boot variables and config in files listed bellow:


Many thanks…

Ive been running bsp-editor from windows, it looks like i’ll have to move to linux…


You can also use Altera SoC EDS under windows to build it