A10 SoC Devkit board info .XML file?

I need to re-generate my Linux Device Tree blob but I (according to the instructions on


I need the GHRD XML file “ghrd_10as066n2_board_info.xml”. This file does not appear to exist, so the alternative is to create one. I don’t know enough about the syntax, and the I/O qualities of the board to make one from scratch. I cant be the first person to have encountered this, and I have read similar posts but have not seen a good resolution.
If there is a way to generate the XML from existing resources, or a place I can find this file I would appreciate hearing about it.
At present I only need to add an I2C connection into the pin mux so I can modify an existing file if we can find one.


I’m on my phone at the moment and not near a computer. I found these files in the GSRD hardware reference design (quartus project) for the board. Let me know if you cannot locate them. I’ll send them to you on Monday.

Thanks. I could swear I looked there but I just looked in some derivative versions of the GSRD and it didn’t have all the files. I’ll let you know if this fixes me up.

Was there a resolution to this issue ? I am also unable to find the ghrd_10as066n2_board_info.xml file.



Yes, I found it in the GSRD project. I missed it on search because Windows 10 has a weird behavior searching for files. It is much ado about very little as the file only has two lines, but you still need it to complete the device tree build process.

I believe the GSRD I was using at the time was Ver16.1, and since I don’t have the later versions on my HDD at the moment I can’t check but I don’t think it is changed.

(I needed to return to edit this since it would not show the XML content in this message board unless I put a space in between the angle bracket and the bracketed contents. So if you want to just enter this text and use it you need to NOT have a space between the angle brackets and the bracketed contents._

The underwhelming file contents are shown below;
< BoardInfo pov=“a10_hps_arm_a9_0” >

< /BoardInfo >