Absolute beginner's guide to DE10-Nano

Hi all - I put together this guide and am sharing it here in case anyone else would find it useful - Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the DE10-Nano.

This is a compilation of articles that are meant to work together to show how to:

  • Build a working Linux distro for the DE10-Nano with the latest:
    • Kernel - 5.8
    • U-Boot - v2020.07
    • Debian - Buster
  • How to flash the FPGA from the SD Card:
    • On boot-up from U-Boot
    • From the HPS using device tree overlays
  • How to write a hello world SoC design and write a program for it.
    • Using the latest Quartus (20.1) suite of tools.

Obviously, the bulk of the content has been taken from the excellent articles here on rocketboards with some tweaks and updates based on my own experiments and I have shared my references on all the articles.

It is focused only on the DE10-Nano because that’s the only board I have, but I’m pretty certain it can be adapted for other boards as well with a few tweaks.

Would really appreciate feedback and comments! If you think something is wrong, please let me know here or via an issue.

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Good work Jake!