Advise on using eMMC boot partitions with Cyclone V

Hi all,

I have custom HW using Cyclone V and eMMC to boot.

This works pretty well, but so far, it’s been booting from partitions residing in eMMC UDA and I’d like to take advantage of the eMMC boot partitions to store SPL and u-boot (at least, maybe also Linux kernel etc…).
I’ve been researching quite extensively both these forums and the internet and could not find any pointers on how to achieve that.

I am now at the point where I can access this boot partition and read - write to it from Linux, but that does not help much booting from it :frowning: would any of you have had success with that (booting Cyclone V from eMMC boot partition) or any idea on how to do that ? I suspect this might be related to eMMC PARTITION_CONFIG but am not sure.

Any idea - pointers welcome !