Agilex booting from dedicated nand

I’ve followed all the “BootingFromNand” steps as closely as i can, we’re on a custom board with the NAND directly connected to the HPS. I’ve taken the SOF and built in the FSBL (SPL) to create a final SOF. When the SPL runs, it fails to find the “/soc/nand@ffb90000” in the FDT. It is absolutely present in my dts and set to “okay” status. Not sure how the socDK reference material could ever work either, if the SPL can’t find nand in its own FDT. I’m currently trying to line-by-line debug the SPL using armds, but I cant imagine this should be necessary. Any suggestions or hints as to how to get past this? i do have spl-boot-order set to &nand first. All the configs and DTS changes have been checked multiple times.