Altera Cyclone V Soc Development Kit

I am trying to work with this kit on Ubuntu. I have set the board to default factory settings and installed the following - Quartus Lite Edition, EDS, Development Kit, USB Blater-II driver in my PC. I am able to detect the device in Quartus programming and load the CPLD files for default factory settings.

But, when I am trying to access the development kit GUI ‘’ for testing the peripherals of my board, the following error message is getting displayed - ‘Failed to connect to system console server’.

Kindly help me to solve the above issue.

Please allow me to try to give you some suggestions.

First, can you verify if you are running the code on BTS 6 board test system? You can refer to the ug_cv_soc_dev_kit section and confirm dip switch or jumper setting.

or you can download
then try to see the implementation of “” and see if it works.

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