Altera SOC design with VHDL peripherals

i am a beginner for Altera SOC, can any body put some links to get started Altera soc design with vhdl peripherals.

First you can do the getting started tutorials in the documentation of your board like:
-first FPGA project (how to compile a hardware project and put it on FPGA with cable)
-first HPS project (twerk with SD card and Linux Operating System and how to run an app)
-first HPS and FPGA project: an example accessing the FPGA from a Linux application

Custom VHDL peripherals are usually connected to processor doing a Qsys component with a memory-mapped bus (AXI or Avalon are the ones available in Altera) interface to the peripheral internal registers. Therefore, to do the hardware you have to learn:
-How to program in VHDL
-How to design a memory mapped peripheral using Avalon or AXI. Avalon is easier and Qsys transforms Avalon to AXI when you connect it to the processor)
-How to create a Qsys component
-Learn Qsys to connect your component and others needed from the library

The perfect flow is to add the component to the device tree, do a driver, etc. However the easiest way is to directly access your component using mmap (a function that can access physical memory addresses like your peripheral in the FPGA from a linux application).

I think that using google and the altera website and the doc. of your board you can get started.