Alternatives to uart for communication

A customer let us borrow an arrow soCKit cyclone V evaluation kit. Unfortunately they had ripped the uart connector right off of the board. I don’t see any way to repair the connector without some sort of coating removal etc. Is there another way to serially communicate with the board? Perhaps redirecting the uart to a different port?

If Linux boots and the CV IP address is known, then a console interface over ethernet could be used. PolyCore Software’s development platform is integrated with the DS5 and provides an environment to quickly get started on the Cyclone V. Poly-Platform provides sample applications to show how to communicate between the cores. The time savings could be many months. If you would like more information, please contact me at

Ted your reply sparked an idea that I have been trying to get working for a while now. I have the board booting up into linaro linux using the image provided in the SoCKit Linaro Linux Desktop project. I can see the log in screen through the vga port. Without that uart though I cannot log in.

I also cannot ssh from my linux box, the connection keeps getting denied. I know enough about linux to need admin access to fix my mistakes. (my IT guy is not happy with that) As far as I can tell the linux build does not have openssh installed, so their is no ssh server running.

So far I have tried using the image file to boot up on my desktop to install openssh. I cannot get it working in virtal box or using things like grub or syslinux. Currently I am working through the Compiling Linux - Arrow SoCKit Edition project to try and create my own linux build. I am not have much luck there as I am running into some url problems.

Am I way off base here? Is there a simpler way to get the linux build open to ssh?

Jason, Sorry - I just saw your response. How is your project progressing?