Arria 10 Custom Boot Configuration

I’m working on a custom boot sequence for my Arria 10 SoC Demo Board. Rbf files and U-Boot should be in QSPI Flash, and Linux Kernel and RootFS are in SDMMC. I have no idea how to reach MMC memory from U-Boot that is in QSPI Flash. I searched for an example with no luck. But since U-Boot can initialize and run MMC, I think that this boot sequence is possible. Has anyone got this configuration working or have an idea where I should start? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi ddyn,

in case you just want to boot the kernel from MMC I can say this is possible. You have to configure your U-boot properly in BSP-editor and set up the environment variables to boot from MMC (but this should already be the case).



What I’m trying to do is to bring up U-Boot from QSPI Flash, and load kernel from MMC. So, my .rbf files and U-boot executable are in QSPI Flash, and my Kernel & Root FS are in the MMC.

I think that your suggestion is for booting entirely from MMC. But if I misunderstood, please elaborate your suggestion. Thanks for your help!



I am doing the same thing on our boards. Boot the HPS (U-Boot) from QSPI and then move forward on MMC (where the linux is located).

Best Regards