Arria 10 EDS 18.1 EDS download problem

I am new to the use of the ARM in Arria 10, so I first try to download the working space of the EDS. For that I open the tutorial SoCEDS and ARM Development Studio and I try to get the 18.1 version because all of our project and the other engineer use it, and we want to be in line.

  1. I get the EDS 18.1 and then the DS as show and then Cygwin & MingGW.
    But when get to Install Linaro Bare-metal Toolchain it guide me to the this folder c:/intelFPGA/20.1/embedded/host_tools/linaro (I change it to 18.1) but I can’t find that folder there.
    When I install EDS 20.1 I get it.
    So I can’t continue in the installation of the 18.1 because I miss all linaro tools.
    How I can get them if I use EDS18.1?