ARRIA 10 U-Boot boot from QSPI: No access to DDR ram address

I am trying to make a boot from QSPI for Arria 10 based on your bootloader document for Arria 10 but at end when I make debug process through ARM ds-5 I got the error in U-boot step.

“Failed to load “u-boot”
! Download of 311.088 bytes to address S:0x01000040 failed while writing block of 4.096 bytes to address S:0x01000040
! Bus error on memory operation.”

based on file I have
" Memory configurations */
#define PHYS_SDRAM_1_SIZE 0x04000000"

and the address seems set;
#define CONFIG_LOADADDR 0x01000000

I checked already my access to the register and I found I do not have access to this address also I have to say the MMU is enable.

Is there any one here to have and solution or clue about it.