Arria V HPS, compiler and hwlib


My goal is to successfully build and run a bare-metal app which measure time by reading one of the the Arria V Soc HPS timers using hwlib. Afterwards I wish to use the same app on a custom board which contains the same HPS as the Arria V SoC.

I’m using Windows with Arm DS-5 v5.29.1 and IntelFPGA suite 18.1 (these the packages I have license for)

I tried to follow several examples like here:

but got some conflicts when using different compilers.

I have two questions please:

  1. I don’t know which compiler is best for me. I got lost between the following three options:

1.1. In the Bare Metal user guide (link above) they suggest using the ARM Compiler 5 C.

1.2. In the HWlib section, they refer to git repository which recommend using the Linaro suite.

1.3. In the Altera-SoCFPGA-HardwareLib-Timer-AV-ARMCC example (intelFPGA 18.1 version) they use , by defualt , the GCC 4.x [arm-linux-gnueabihf](DS-5 built in) and if I switch to the ARM CC 5 as the Bare Metal user guide suggests I get “program -E” error.

So I got a little confused regarding which one to use and why.

  1. The official Intel HWLib source is here:

they have a category for av/cv but inside all the examples are for cyclone V only (no av examples)

is there any guide regarding how to configure a new “hello” app to use the hwlib?

  • do I need to compile the hwlib first?

  • if do, does it generates libraries for inclusion in my “hello” app?