ARRIA V SoC dev KIT Kernel hang at CAN device driver interface


We’ve bought the ARRIA V SoC Kit from ALTERA (suite installed: Kit v14.0.2, Quartus II 14.0 and DS-5 v5.22.0, on Win7)
Starting debugging the simple Hello Word project, we found that the Linux distribution on the ready made SD Card doesn’t have the gdbserver, then we create a new SD Card system with the prebuild image found in …\15.1\embedded\embeddedsw\socfpga\prebuilt_images
The problem is that this prebuild image seems not to be the good one. The last sentences in the kernel boot process is:

CAN device driver interface
c_can_platform ffc00000.d_can: invalid resource
c_can_platform ffc00000.d_can: control memory is not used for raminit

Then kernel hang.
First I’m wondering what a CAN driver is doing here.
Second, is anyone has a good working (verified) linux kernel? Or a link to a good working SD Card image?
We don’t want for the moment to recompile a kernel. We just want to have good working software for our kit to begin debugging.

Any help appreciated,