Arria10 bad Watchdog driver

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the watchdog and when I start it, it has a 50% chance that it will trigger a reboot immediately, no matter if I start it on boot or with a shell command later.

I’m using A10 GSRD and I got the Linux by running -
$ cd ~
$ git clone
$ cd linux-socfpga
$ git checkout -b test_branch ACDS16.0_REL_GSRD_PR

As explained on the “Compiling Linux Kernel and Root Filesystem” for A10 16.0 GSRD.
When I kick the watchdog manually by sending any character (other than “V”) to the /dev/watchdog device I receive:
dw_wdt: unexpected close, system will reboot soon

When I send “V” it seems to work, no output is shown.

I’ve noticed that there is an updated Linux version with an updated Watchdog but it is not for A10 GSRD, do I need to update something? Is the watchdog not supported?