Arrow SOCKit evaluation board - Transceiver support for PCIE

Someone could you help me please? I have a question about the HSMC functionality on the SOCkit board.
Despite the board does not have PCIe connector, could I use it to implement a PCIe based application? I am thinking on I could connect some HSMC-to-PCIE conversor but I am not sure if this would be possible.

This board has the same Altera SOC chip as the Cyclone V SoC FPGA Development Kit Board which do has a PCIe interface. I compared the schematics of both and the signal connections in the respective FPGA transceivers (GXB_L0 and GXB_L1) look similar except the REFCLK§ and REFCLK(N) of the SOCkit which are connected to ground and only REFCLK§ and REFCLK(N) of the GXB_L2 part are available in the HSMC connector of the sockit.

Thank you in advance